miércoles, 30 de marzo de 2011

whithout music, whithout life.


Music is a big part of my life! It is very fun and satisfies my soul. There is the expression, that spirit, through the voice and musical instruments, form a harmony, that fills the heart. I believe this to be true.

There are many people that form groups to express their emotions and feelings through different music styles. These music genres include: jazz, blues, rock and roll, pop, electronic and many more!

Personally, I like "de chilean" rock music. It is really good! It has a powerful harmony and the lyrics represent my view of my social reality.

For example, tha chilean band "Los tres" (that in reality it were four) they express and show the reality of the country, whit yours songs "he barrido el sol","nunca he deseado mal a nadie",  "camino".

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  1. LIKE IT "LOS TR3S" the best song for my is : " Pájaros de fuego" do you like this song? i hope :)

    good bye