domingo, 25 de noviembre de 2012

bye bye.

I'm really tired today, the end of semester is very exhausting, i cant sleep good, i have sleep all day now!!!, I'm in a bad mood, and the solution is that the solution is to pass quickly the days to finish now the year.

Now i am dieing with my actually situation, because, i have nine subjet and this is very bad idea for everybody.
Well, there are that survive to this world in the university. This year is my three year living this same situation in this same date… i am very tired, i can’t more, but, nothing for to make, only keep forward.

Uf! This year is the worse… sorry… but, i hope that 2013 will be better…
My carrier to day is occupation, and this tired me… and i can’t avoid… the subjet are mystery, and i don’t know how resolve it…

And my teacher of english believe that i am “gringa” and all this things is very easy for me, but no, that's not right;

 it's almost  for the finish of years, this motive me for continue, but, i dont want more war.

Bye bye.

a free time...

The little prince is a story that was published in 1943 by the French writer and aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. This book is recommended for the reading of children and adults, and is an classics book that you have read around the world.
This story is very special for my, because is an story that  has a message beautiful.the first time I read this story was at age 14, at that time the topics of this bookmarked my way of seeing life.
This story tells about friendship, the meaning of life, love and values ​​of people. Thebook tells the story of a boy who lives in a world in which there are three volcanoesand a rose, but one day decided to travel the universe is unfolding on your planet,this crossing the known planets and make new friends leaving countless messages on these meetings.
I recommend this book to all people who have a love of reading,this book is uniqueand their messages are beautiful and leave the reader thinking about what read,there is no better book than this.
Finally I like it when the book was written that "the essential is invisible to the eye,that looks good only with the eyes of the heart".
I really love this book and frame the way I see life.

To day i speak about of my big problem of my life, and this problem i have since very early, and never i can get over, this problem is "learning english", and is terrible thinks that alweys dogg  in my life.
In the university i have take four nivels of english, and now i am in the last nivel,  but that  does not give me peace , i feel  fear of can’t approve this subjet.
this process is enjoyable, i know a very nice people and i laughed a lot in class, while i learned english, obviously XD.

I know four english teachers, one for each levels, everyone has very particularities, and they teach me the best as possible.

But definitively i can’t learn this lenguaje very dificult for me. I think that only if i travel to london or california, alone, forever alone, and i will need communicate whit others, only in this case, i will can learn that.

here, in my university is very dificult learn this languaje, because, there are four levels, all very dificult for my, and the stress of to pass  one a one, is a lot. but i try every day do better.

 This language makes me mourn, always in end of semester i am have a lot stress and depresses me, and i don't know that do with that...

i have a hope that one day i can learn this languaje and never more fight with it, and aprobe four level, and dont cry more for it.

English courses should not be mandatory in the faculty, because isn't a primordial need of every one, i dont want talk o write good english,it isn't a wish for me, i only want free time, a summer relax, and the best holiday of my life, i feel boring with this subjet. 
Hello!! this week i will write about my future job.

I will answer some questions.

I study in Universidad de Chile, career Education, I take this future job, because I like to teach, especially with the children, they begin to see the world and for that I have hope to give a lot creativity  and  good experiences. I would like to work in the future in a school or a kirdengarden making class to children. But only until 4th grade. I don’t like the students over eleven or twelve years old because they become a bit more annoying and the relation teacher-student is harder to understand because of the emotional changues they live.

Every year, I´ve taken Práctica Inicial, this subject is very important because with this I learn about school, when I do field job I have many activities in different grades. 
I hope to get a job that I like it, a place with many possibilities to do dynamism beside my future fellow teachers. I have no problems with the choice of nursery school and primary school I like everything!!

When choosing my job, some aspects could be: good relationships, because is essential for the school community, for girls and boys growth a good mental health and integrality.

Respect a strengths and weaknesses… I become nervous about speaking regarding of challenges need to propose to school. Also about activities or experiences of my practices when I was a student.

Concluding... I would like to have this job because I like to work with children, teaching them day by day new things that may give them a good experience, they can learn, explore and discover freely, without obstacles, learning by themselves and because of their classmates.

See you. Byeee! :)

viernes, 26 de octubre de 2012

green day


to day I talk about of how green I am. Really this vision in my is new, but, last I didn't worry of this, but a few time for medical razons, I has that think this. 
Now, I walk seeing the more healthy for my body, I have that decrease the saturated fat in my food, to increase the fruit and vegetable, I began to go the gym, and I prefer go up stairs before go up across elevator.
In my house still there aren't this ecological conscience that everybody need now, of urgent form.

Generally speaking, in the world  few people have a ecological conscience, that is why the world day to day is more dirty and mess, the big industry don't thinks in the water of the world, the natural reserves, multiple types of  animal, even in ourselves.

In the rock music world, we can find bands that committed with the enviroment, a band is Pearl Jam, that donated part of the proceeds from de tour for the preservation of tropical forest of magadascar, Africa, in 2006
Bandas de rock comprometidas con el #MedioAmbiente

Other band is Linkin Park, provided assistance to victim of natural disasters like the Indonasia of tsunami and  Katrina hurricane.

Bandas de rock comprometidas con el #MedioAmbiente 

a third band is coldplay, they to planted 10.000 trees in the India in 2002 for contribute to decrease ecological footprint.(my favorite <3)

Bandas de rock comprometidas con el #MedioAmbiente

Is very important that we take conscience of we have a only world where live, and we have the responsibility of care it.


viernes, 5 de octubre de 2012

My pets =)

Hello again,
To day I speak about of my pets, his name is “coli”, is a dog very inteligent and nice, is of race Coker spaniel, and is of color black and it have tail, for don’t lost his estability. it Is cuddly and very playful.  It is six years old, but it is same that a new dog. His father also was mi dog, his name was “Malulin”, it had bad mood, and it bites to every family, but slowly.
always I have to pets of race Coker Spaniel, because I like a lot, his big ear is very nice, and how someone is, his restlessness, they are the best!!!
Now I have a hamster, his name is Flifa,  is beatiful, and I don’t lie when I say it’s. when I go on a my room, she stop and she see my, is like a salute. And then she follow in your world: “The Wheel”
but  there is a pets that  I dislike a lot, it is the cats, they are hairy and I am alergic to them.
anyway  I believe that they are manipulative and selfish. I never to will have one.
Maybe I will have a rabbit, I like his  jumped up, and also his ear, they are very nice…