domingo, 25 de noviembre de 2012

bye bye.

I'm really tired today, the end of semester is very exhausting, i cant sleep good, i have sleep all day now!!!, I'm in a bad mood, and the solution is that the solution is to pass quickly the days to finish now the year.

Now i am dieing with my actually situation, because, i have nine subjet and this is very bad idea for everybody.
Well, there are that survive to this world in the university. This year is my three year living this same situation in this same date… i am very tired, i can’t more, but, nothing for to make, only keep forward.

Uf! This year is the worse… sorry… but, i hope that 2013 will be better…
My carrier to day is occupation, and this tired me… and i can’t avoid… the subjet are mystery, and i don’t know how resolve it…

And my teacher of english believe that i am “gringa” and all this things is very easy for me, but no, that's not right;

 it's almost  for the finish of years, this motive me for continue, but, i dont want more war.

Bye bye.

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