domingo, 25 de noviembre de 2012

To day i speak about of my big problem of my life, and this problem i have since very early, and never i can get over, this problem is "learning english", and is terrible thinks that alweys dogg  in my life.
In the university i have take four nivels of english, and now i am in the last nivel,  but that  does not give me peace , i feel  fear of can’t approve this subjet.
this process is enjoyable, i know a very nice people and i laughed a lot in class, while i learned english, obviously XD.

I know four english teachers, one for each levels, everyone has very particularities, and they teach me the best as possible.

But definitively i can’t learn this lenguaje very dificult for me. I think that only if i travel to london or california, alone, forever alone, and i will need communicate whit others, only in this case, i will can learn that.

here, in my university is very dificult learn this languaje, because, there are four levels, all very dificult for my, and the stress of to pass  one a one, is a lot. but i try every day do better.

 This language makes me mourn, always in end of semester i am have a lot stress and depresses me, and i don't know that do with that...

i have a hope that one day i can learn this languaje and never more fight with it, and aprobe four level, and dont cry more for it.

English courses should not be mandatory in the faculty, because isn't a primordial need of every one, i dont want talk o write good english,it isn't a wish for me, i only want free time, a summer relax, and the best holiday of my life, i feel boring with this subjet. 

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