domingo, 25 de noviembre de 2012

Hello!! this week i will write about my future job.

I will answer some questions.

I study in Universidad de Chile, career Education, I take this future job, because I like to teach, especially with the children, they begin to see the world and for that I have hope to give a lot creativity  and  good experiences. I would like to work in the future in a school or a kirdengarden making class to children. But only until 4th grade. I don’t like the students over eleven or twelve years old because they become a bit more annoying and the relation teacher-student is harder to understand because of the emotional changues they live.

Every year, I´ve taken Práctica Inicial, this subject is very important because with this I learn about school, when I do field job I have many activities in different grades. 
I hope to get a job that I like it, a place with many possibilities to do dynamism beside my future fellow teachers. I have no problems with the choice of nursery school and primary school I like everything!!

When choosing my job, some aspects could be: good relationships, because is essential for the school community, for girls and boys growth a good mental health and integrality.

Respect a strengths and weaknesses… I become nervous about speaking regarding of challenges need to propose to school. Also about activities or experiences of my practices when I was a student.

Concluding... I would like to have this job because I like to work with children, teaching them day by day new things that may give them a good experience, they can learn, explore and discover freely, without obstacles, learning by themselves and because of their classmates.

See you. Byeee! :)

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