viernes, 26 de octubre de 2012

green day


to day I talk about of how green I am. Really this vision in my is new, but, last I didn't worry of this, but a few time for medical razons, I has that think this. 
Now, I walk seeing the more healthy for my body, I have that decrease the saturated fat in my food, to increase the fruit and vegetable, I began to go the gym, and I prefer go up stairs before go up across elevator.
In my house still there aren't this ecological conscience that everybody need now, of urgent form.

Generally speaking, in the world  few people have a ecological conscience, that is why the world day to day is more dirty and mess, the big industry don't thinks in the water of the world, the natural reserves, multiple types of  animal, even in ourselves.

In the rock music world, we can find bands that committed with the enviroment, a band is Pearl Jam, that donated part of the proceeds from de tour for the preservation of tropical forest of magadascar, Africa, in 2006
Bandas de rock comprometidas con el #MedioAmbiente

Other band is Linkin Park, provided assistance to victim of natural disasters like the Indonasia of tsunami and  Katrina hurricane.

Bandas de rock comprometidas con el #MedioAmbiente 

a third band is coldplay, they to planted 10.000 trees in the India in 2002 for contribute to decrease ecological footprint.(my favorite <3)

Bandas de rock comprometidas con el #MedioAmbiente

Is very important that we take conscience of we have a only world where live, and we have the responsibility of care it.


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  1. I like the bands that you put in the post!!! ... but I love that you and the friend go to the gym at the U! :)