viernes, 5 de octubre de 2012

my holidays

It was two years ago, when I went with my mother to visit an aunt at Linares, well, she's not that it is relative to me, but she's one of the best friends of my mother, so we consider it part of own family, so I'll talk of them as uncles and cousins.
In February there was a massive family reunion, the fifty seats which we obtained were few!
we did everything, we ate a lot, we laugh with the things that stories Uncle Manuel, wa dance and sing the same songs as a child, we play at La Pinta between cousins. Who knew? I return to my 10 years old!.
In Linares we stayed for ten days, and when we returned my mother learned that he had won some tickets to the Laguna San Rafael, how lucky he is!
I couldn't go, but she was for another ten days away home. While, with my boyfriend we change the garden of my house. Heat could discourage us to follow, was way too!
In the afternoons I went to my boyfriend's house to watch movies, we had to replace our energy to continue with the project, to give to my mother a smile.
The truth, the holidays was very emotional, I was with people I missed, I did things that in the year are impossible to do ... I was accompanied by the people I love most.

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