viernes, 5 de octubre de 2012

My pets =)

Hello again,
To day I speak about of my pets, his name is “coli”, is a dog very inteligent and nice, is of race Coker spaniel, and is of color black and it have tail, for don’t lost his estability. it Is cuddly and very playful.  It is six years old, but it is same that a new dog. His father also was mi dog, his name was “Malulin”, it had bad mood, and it bites to every family, but slowly.
always I have to pets of race Coker Spaniel, because I like a lot, his big ear is very nice, and how someone is, his restlessness, they are the best!!!
Now I have a hamster, his name is Flifa,  is beatiful, and I don’t lie when I say it’s. when I go on a my room, she stop and she see my, is like a salute. And then she follow in your world: “The Wheel”
but  there is a pets that  I dislike a lot, it is the cats, they are hairy and I am alergic to them.
anyway  I believe that they are manipulative and selfish. I never to will have one.
Maybe I will have a rabbit, I like his  jumped up, and also his ear, they are very nice…  


3 comentarios:

  1. Hi Rode, I finally find your blog!! I really hope that you can have a rabit soon! :)

  2. Hi Rode! Is my firs time in yor blog! Congratulation for your pets!! So beauty!

  3. Do you want a rabit? *O* So... now!! search a name for him! :D