miércoles, 13 de abril de 2011

Back to the Future I.


The movie was recorded in 1984 and premiered  of July5, 1985, and became the most successful film of that year, resulting in the creation of a trilogy of films.

This science fiction and comedy movie tells the adventures of Marty Mcfly that was accidentally sent back in time. he lived in the fictional town with his family, his mother was an alcoholic, his father is an humble employee for his boss Biff Tannen. One day Marty visited a friend, an excentric scientist named Emmett L. Brown who invented a time machine an delorian that must reach a speed that 88 miles per hour.

In the night, a shooting began  and they killed a Doc Emmett. Marty ran a Delorian and press the start button , traveling to the past, he arrived in 1955. three decades ago. Here he has to make his parents meet so he can be born again, because to reach altered that moment a his parent fell in love. Also seeks to doc. Emmet for that help he a to back present. He Doc. Emmet dont belive his words but to see an photo  it Marty  a his family  erased his brothers.

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  1. The best Triology ever !!!!!!!!!! I love Marty McFly !!!!! ♥

  2. i love!!! it's a movie very funny!!! great!!

    see you rodeee!! :)

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