viernes, 6 de julio de 2012

At my 24 years old you must can now this.

Soon will be my birthday, and I so excited because all the people who loves me is planning how to celebrated.
I wanna to give a clue, I'm a good people xD.
I like the Selvanegra cake or he pineapple cake, when I was child my mother prepared for me. My favourite color is the purple, I don't know why, but you must know it! Time ago I want to buy a pants or jeans, because my boyfriend promise to buy me, but hi is poor in this moment xD. A smart phone was a goos idea, yesterday I bought it, sorry.
I don't want you think I'm a materialist person xD. I will prefer to be close with my friends and my family, they are all my life, more important that the things I have, because they can  to give a lot of gifts xD no no no, they give the colors of my life, that don't have price, impossible to change.
Well, you know what to do in my day, please to read this clues! =)

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