viernes, 13 de abril de 2012

in few words...

To day i want speak about me.  My name is Rode Abrigo, and i was born on 25 of July  of 1988 in Santiago. My family is small, we are two people, my mum and I. I have a beatiful dog, his name is Coli, is black and very sweet.  My mum is a housewife and she is a lot of years old =), but it isn’t important, the very important thing is that she loves me <3.
Now, I am studying preschool education in the university of Chile, this is my 3rd year and i am very happy for my career.
I have a boyfriend now, he is the best of the world, his name Rodrigo Ortiz, and also we are best friends. he is studying sociology in university Diego Portales, and he is finishing his career.
In this moment, I can say  that I am HappY =)

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