viernes, 20 de abril de 2012

Los Tres, in the "30 y Tr3s Horas Bar"

The chilean music is very good, the chilean rock is the best.  My favourite band is “los Tres”.  My brother listened this band when i was child, but now i am fanatic the home. 
In 2009, i and a friend, go to the concert in the Municipal theatre of Santiago, “30 t tr3s horas bar”, it was the best of my life!!!! I could see the ballet of Santiago  more my favourite band... was spectacular, my favourite song made theatre play, made me feel much emotion, joy, happiness, anxiety... uf! sentiments difficult of explain.
My favorite song is.... difficult election, but if you question me, i would answer “he barrido el sol”, it is a beautiful song, i have much  memories with that song...

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