viernes, 4 de mayo de 2012

my cellular phone.

The cellular is technology piece  very important in the modern life. first was a piece for call a people, but now is besides, camera, music player, laptop, it  just have to wash and iron, jajajaja. 

I have one since 2006. my first cell phone was in black and white, and had flashlight, was very resistant to shocks, and actually  i used it until  march this year :D

my first cell phone was not modern, it had not camera, mp3 reproductor, nothing of nothing. only i could call and write text messages.-

now, i have a cellular more modern, with capacity of 2 gigabites, camera and headphone conexion.

the way of mi house to the university is more fun when i listen music =)

My life without cell phone would not be the same, i could not find a the persons when i need them, and that is very important in these day, and all  else, the pictures, de music, internet concexion... uf! difficult of imagine.

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