viernes, 7 de septiembre de 2012

First Term!!

The first semester of this year was quiet, i had normals class, and i aprovat all the subjets.  it is good, i feel good and serene when i arrive to finish rightly.

The most hard was the quantity of subjets , it was awful, it was nine!!!! and a few was very boring and very matutinal and very a few motivational. and this is very sad. but that's life.

But the practice was wonderful. i was in kinder garden, in nursery school, and the children was very nice, i remember whit lot love, was a good exprerience, their little face and hands, they steal me heart. i believe that they can steal the hart any person that they know. Martin Huerta and Bruno were  my pamper, i could not prevent, but this mean not that i did not love the other children.

The conclution is that, the important is get the final objetive, i be happy in the carrier chose.

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  1. Good post Rode, and veri nice pics. There are some mistakes mainly on grammar, but we can work on them! keep working like that!

    1. Teacher!!!! can you see mi blog!!!?? i do one work, i am good girl =P, tomorrow I go up other work, ok?
      I see you next class!!!!!